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“SEM Topography” bridges the gap between scanning electron microscopy data analysis and other Mountains® software products dedicated to profilers or SPMs.

 Ultra-fast 3D reconstruction – reconstruct 3D models of your sample from stereo image pairs, anaglyphs or images generated by 4-quadrant detectors.

⇒ Computer-assisted image coloring – colorize a SEM image in a few clicks thanks to the semi-automatic object segmentation and produce high-quality color images for publications and posters.

 Generate 3D renderings from single SEM images and improve visual interpretation of the image

⇒ High quality imaging – improve image quality with image enhancement tools and denoising filters.

⇒ Distance and angle measurement – measure objects within the image plane.

⇒ Anaglyphs – generate anaglyphs from 3D topography for viewing with stereoscopic glasses.

⇒ Profile (cross-section) extraction – from reconstructed 3D surfaces.

⇒ Contour dimensional analysis of horizontal contours extracted from the XY plane and vertical contours (XZ profiles).

⇒ Subsurface analysis – extract and level planes on surfaces of microelectronic, micromechanical and other components.

⇒ Colocalization for correlative studies – colocalize different SEM images (for example a backscattered electron image with a secondary electron image) – colocalize SEM images with surface topography obtained by other microscopes or profilometers* – overlay images on 3D surface topography*. (* Availability of these functions depends upon what instrument file formats are supported by your software.)

⇒ MATLAB™ compatibility – load or write MATLAB™ scripts and execute them to carry out custom operations including filtering.