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Experience the power of data confluence. Ideal for laboratories working with multiple microscopes and profilometers, MountainsLab® software allows you to compile, process and compare data generated with any type of surface measuring and imaging instrument, all in one platform.

MountainsLab® Expert
MountainsLab® Premium


Surface metrology and analysis software for profilometers (2D profilometers, 3D optical profilers and light microscopes).

Visualize and analyze profiles and surfaces and perform a multitude of studies using the most advanced set of professional tools.

MountainsMap® Profile
MountainsMap® Expert
MountainsMap® Imaging Topography
MountainsMap® Topography
MountainsMap® Premium


MountainsSEM® is a 3D image visualization and analysis software designed for scanning electron microscopes.

Perform 3D reconstruction, image colorization and advanced 2D analysis and more in no time.

MountainsSEM® Color
MountainsSEM® Expert
MountainsSEM® Premium


Processing and image analysis software for scanning probe and atomic force microscopes. Includes all the best SPIP™ tools, colocalization (correlative) analysis and powerful statistical tools.

MountainsSPIP® Starter
MountainsSPIP® Expert
MountainsSPIP® Premium


MountainsSpectral® is a comprehensive solution for image and data processing from spectroscopic techniques including Raman, TERS, FT-IR, nanoIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence EDX/EDS and XRF.

MountainsSpectral® Correlate
MountainsSpectral® Expert
MountainsSpectral® Premium